Spotify vs Joox: Ultimate Comparison of Music Apps in 2024

Spotify vs JOOX

In the modern era of music streaming, Spotify has emerged as one of the leading platforms, alongside other giants like Apple Music and YouTube Music, offering features like Spotify Premium for high-quality sound.

However, it faces competition from other players, such as Joox.

Joox is a music streaming platform with a large user base, particularly in Asian countries like Pakistan, India, and Bangladesh, where Joox VIP may be more popular than Spotify Premium due to pricing and regional features.

In this comprehensive comparison, we will evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of Spotify and Joox to determine which platform offers more potential.

Spotify and JOOX

What is Joox?

Joox is a freemium service that offers most of its songs for free, but some songs can only be accessed by premium users who pay for a subscription or complete certain tasks. JOOX is now available in Hong Kong, Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, and Myanmar.

What is Spotify?

Spotify is a digital music, podcast, and video service that provides access to millions of songs and other content from creators worldwide. Spotify is now available in almost all of the world.

Spotify vs Joox: Audio Quality

The quality of music is a crucial factor for any streaming platform.

Both Spotify and Joox offer free versions with some limitations, making them accessible options for users who want to listen to music without a premium subscription.

Joox’s free version allows users to stream music at 96 kbps, while Spotify’s free version allows streaming at 160 kbps.

However, both platforms offer 320 kbps streaming for premium users, resulting in an improved audio experience. In terms of audio quality, Spotify and Joox are on par with each other.

Spotify vs Joox: User Interface

The user interface (UI) of a streaming platform plays a vital role in the overall user experience.

Spotify features a dark theme with a sidebar at the bottom, offering easy access to options like Home, Library, and Search, making it a sophisticated music streaming service with excellent music discovery capabilities.

Spotify interface vs JOOX music interface

Joox has a light theme, with all artist and playlist options accessible from the home screen, making it a user-friendly music app.

Joox’s UI is more convenient for free users, as it contains only banner ads that do not interfere with music playback, ensuring users can listen to music with minimal interruption.

JOOX music and Spotify music interface

Spotify, however, displays ads that can disrupt the listening experience.

Overall, Spotify is a better option for subscribed users, offering high-quality sound quality and a vast music library through Spotify Premium, while Joox is more convenient for free users with its Joox VIP plan, which offers an affordable alternative.

Spotify vs Joox: Content

The availability of a vast and diverse music catalogue is crucial for a music streaming platform.

Spotify boasts over 85 million songs and podcasts, making it easy for users to find their desired music.

Spotify vs JOOX Content

Additionally, Spotify adds a growing number of new songs daily, continuously expanding its catalogue and enhancing its music discovery feature for Spotify Premium users.

Conversely, Joox offers around 40 million songs, making it a suitable choice for fans of local artists.

While Joox’s catalogue is smaller, it is growing steadily, aiming to compete in the popular music streaming service market.

In terms of content, Spotify offers a more extensive and diverse selection.

Spotify vs JOOX  music Content

Spotify vs Joox Pricing

The pricing plans of a streaming platform can greatly influence a user’s decision, especially when comparing the cost and benefits of Spotify Premium and Joox VIP.

Spotify offers various plans, including Individual ($9.99/month), DUO ($14.99/month), Family ($16.99/month), and Student ($4.99/month), catering to different needs in the music streaming service market.

Spotify vs Joox price

Joox offers a single plan priced at $2.99 per month, known as Joox VIP, which competes directly with Spotify Premium.

Joox’s pricing is significantly more affordable than Spotify, making it a suitable option for users on a budget, yet Spotify Premium offers higher music quality.

Spotify and Joox price
PlatformsFree PlansIndividual PlanStudent PlanDUO PlanFamily Plan
Joox vs Spotify Cost

Spotify vs Joox: Additional Features

Apart from the core music streaming experience, both Spotify and Joox offer additional features that set them apart.

Spotify’s Timestamp Sharing feature allows users to share specific parts of a song with friends and family, enhancing the social aspect of music sharing and leveraging Spotify Premium’s download music option for offline listening.

Joox, on the other hand, allows users to upload short clips to their profiles, providing a platform for local artists to engage with their audience through their music streaming service, a feature distinct from Spotify’s emphasis on music discovery and download options.

Joox’s live podcasting capabilities enable direct communication between artists and listeners.

Spotify excels in its car-playing feature, allowing users to listen to songs while driving with superior music quality, as often found with Spotify Premium subscriptions.

Spotify vs Joox Additional Features
PlatformsMusic CatalogueTimestamp SharingPersonal PlaylistsSmart Algorithm
Spotify80 MillionYesYesYes
Joox40 millionNoYesYes
Joox Vs Spotify: Additional Features

Conclusions about Joox and Spotify

I did my best to explain everything about Spotify vs. Joox in this concise guide, similar to my previous comparison of Spotify vs Deezer.

Both platforms offer high-quality audio streaming, with Spotify having a slight edge in terms of free-version audio quality.

Spotify vs JOOX

The user interface of both platforms is well-designed, with Joox being more convenient for free users due to fewer ads, enhancing their experience of listening to music uninterrupted.

In terms of content, Spotify offers a significantly larger and more diverse music catalogue, establishing it as a leading music streaming service.

However, Joox is a more affordable option for users with its single pricing plan, positioning it as a competitive music streaming service for those on a budget.

When it comes to additional features, Spotify’s Timestamp Sharing and car-playing feature stand out, while Joox excels in live podcasting capabilities, evidencing the key differences between Spotify and Joox.

Ultimately, the choice between Spotify and Joox depends on personal preferences, budget, and geographic availability.

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