How to Cancel Spotify Premium Subscription

How to Cancel Spotify Premium Subscription

You signed up for Spotify Premium out of musical enthusiasm, lured in by unlimited skips and high-quality streaming promises.

But now the monthly charge has become an annoyance, and the thrill of on-demand Bon Liver has worn off. It’s time to break up with Spotify for good.

Unfortunately, Spotify’s not the type to take rejection well. They’ll try to win you back with discounted rates and free trials. Stand strong.

Please avoid falling for their tricks. You can follow these steps to cancel Spotify Premium once and for all, reclaim your bank account, and start fresh with a music service that knows how to commit.

The path to freedom won’t be easy, but with determination, you’ll return to your primary Spotify and save $10 a month before you know it.

How to cancel your Spotify Premium account from a web browser

So you’ve decided Spotify Premium isn’t for you anymore. I can’t blame you; $10 a month adds up, and who needs another subscription service in their life? Before you cut ties completely, could you ensure you’ve considered what you’ll lose?

Here are some steps to consider:

Step 1:

Step 2:

Step 3:

Step 4:

change Spotify subscription

Step 5:

No more ad-free listening. Be prepared for interruptions from sponsors every few songs. If you can’t stand the thought of more ads, Premium may be worth keeping.

I would say goodbye to downloading songs. No more playlists for when you’re offline or in an area with sketchy cell service. If you do a lot of traveling or spend time outside of the WiFi range, the downloading capability could be crucial.

I think your recommendations may suffer. Spotify creates custom playlists and radio stations based on what you listen to. Without that data from your Premium account, suggestions may be more generic and less tailored to your tastes.

Exclusive content will be off-limits. Some podcasts, live sessions, and singles are only available to paying subscribers. If you miss out on that whole content, canceling premium makes sense.

Before canceling Spotify Premium, consider what you’ll gain (money in your pocket) versus what conveniences you’ll lose (no ads, downloading, personalization). Please make sure the trade-off is worth it, or you may resubscribe before too long! There are worse things than another $10 charge on your credit card statement.

Cancel Your Spotify Premium Subscription on Android and iOS?

So you’ve decided Spotify Premium isn’t for you. No problem; canceling is easy if you know the secret handshake.

Just open the Spotify app on your phone and tap the menu icon. Scroll down to the bottom and tap Account.

Step 1: Tap Subscription and then Cancel Subscription.

Step 2: Spotify will ask why you’re leaving—maybe the price went up, or perhaps that indie folk playlist got too weird. Tell them or tap Other.

Step 4: Spotify will make a last-ditch effort to keep you, offering a discount on the next billing cycle. Unless 50% off for three months changes your mind, tap Continue to Cancel.

Step 5:Your subscription remains active until the billing cycle ends. So you might as well stream that obscure Norwegian death metal band one last time before the big day. Once your bike is up, Spotify will send a wistful break-up message. It’s not you, Spotify; it’s me.

Step 6: Please check your payment information and delete any stored payment methods to ensure Spotify doesn’t charge you again. And just like that, you’ve cut the Spotify cord.

Now get out there; a whole world of streaming music services awaits you. Maybe Apple Music or Tidal is more your speed, or you can go retro and dust off that old iPod shuffle. The musical world, as they say, is your oyster.

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Canceling Your Premium Subscription on the Website

So you’ve decided Spotify Premium isn’t for you.

Maybe their song suggestions have been too on the nose lately, or you realized you prefer the dulcet tones of terrestrial radio DJs telling you what the weather is.

Whatever the reason, it’s time to cut ties with Spotify once and for all.

Canceling Spotify Premium or changing your plan

  1. Log in to your Spotify account on the website, not the app.
  2. Click your profile icon, then select Account from the menu.
  3. Next, find Subscription under Your Plan and click Change Plan.
  4. This will bring you to a page with your current premium plan details.
  5. Look for the Cancel Subscription or Yes Cancel button and click it.
Canceling Spotify Premium

Spotify may try to tempt you into staying by offering you a free Google Home Mini or ad-free listening. Please don’t fall for their siren song! Stay strong and reiterate that you do wish to cancel.

They may ask for a reason to try and win you back with promises of improvement. You don’t owe them an explanation; feel free to select ‘Other’ and leave the comments blank.

Once you’ve canceled, your premium access will continue until your billing cycle ends. Make the most of your remaining ad-free days and download playlists to listen to when the ads return.

Your Spotify account will revert to a free user, so you can still stream music and podcasts and enjoy commercial breaks again.

If at any point you long for the glory days of Premium, you can always resubscribe. But for now, congratulations—you’ve freed yourself from the shackles of a paid music streaming service! Enjoy listening to the musical stylings of FM radio.

Downgrading to a Free Spotify Account

Downgrading to the accessible version of Spotify is simple, but the perks you’ve grown accustomed to will vanish—no more ad-free listening or downloading songs for offline playback. Your playlists and libraries won’t disappear, but you’ll have to rebuild them without the premium features you’ve depended on.

Are you ready to give up the premium life for the freemium Wild West? If so, here’s how to downgrade and deal with the consequences:

Delete Your Spotify Account

  1. First, you need to cancel your paid Spotify Premium subscription.
  2. You can log in to your Spotify account online or in the app and head to the Account page.
  3. Under Subscription, click Change Plan or Cancel Subscription.
  4. Your premium access will continue until the end of your current billing cycle.
  5. Spend these final days downloading all your favorite tunes and playlists before the paywall slams down.

Brace for ads

Once your subscription expires, the honeymoon is over. Expect ads for random products to interrupt your listening to every few songs.

There’s no way around it—ads are how Spotify makes money from free users. You’ll also lose the ability to play any music on demand. Shuffle mode on playlists and radio stations is all that’s allowed.

Lose downloads

No more syncing songs to listen to offline. Your entire library will only be available when connected to the internet. If you frequently listen in areas with spotty reception, you may find the free tier too limiting.

While ditching premium stings, the accessible version of Spotify still provides access to a vast catalog of music and podcasts. You’ll have to rediscover the simple joy of listening with a few more interruptions.

If the restrictions become too annoying, you can always resubscribe—your playlists and library will await you.

Changing Your Spotify app account

So you’ve decided Spotify Premium isn’t for you anymore. Before you rage, quit, and cancel outright, consider some alternatives that won’t require sacrificing your carefully curated playlists.

Changing Your Spotify app account

Try a Student Discount

Are you currently enrolled in college or university? Spotify offers a sweet 50% off premium for students. All you need is an active student email address to verify your eligibility. At $5 a month, you can’t beat the savings. Your budget will thank you; you can keep all the premium perks.

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Can I follow Spotify competitors after canceling my subscription to the Spotify website?

If Spotify has left you in the lurch for the last time, you should check out the competition.

  • Apple Music
  • Tidal
  • YouTube Music
  • Deezer

All offer multi-device plans with massive music libraries. Most offer free trials so that you can take them for a test spin. Could you make a playlist to see how their recommendations and interface compare? With so many options, another service is bound to sync up with your tastes.

Rather than canceling in anger, you can explore some alternatives first. A simple switch in plans or providers could save you money or introduce you to an even better service.

And if, after trying other options, Spotify still comes out on top,? You can always resubscribe, playlist, and all. No harm, no foul. Your music is worth a little experimentation.


Do I get a refund if I cancel?

Unfortunately, no. Spotify works like most subscriptions—you pay upfront for the service, so if you cancel the mid-billing cycle, you forfeit the remaining time. Think of it as a lesson learned (and a reminder to turn off auto-renew next time!).

Will I lose my playlists and saved music if I cancel?

The short answer is nope! Any playlist-saved songs, albums, or podcasts you’ve added will await you if you restart your subscription. Spotify wants you to come back, after all.

However, after six months of inactivity, Spotify may delete your account to free up space. So, if you think you might return, it’s best to log in occasionally to keep your account active.

Can I transfer my subscription to someone else?

No, it can’t be done. Spotify Premium memberships are non-transferable between accounts. Each account has to be registered under a unique email address. Nice try, though!

What if I want to switch from premium to free?

Easy peasy. Log into your Spotify account, click Account, select Change Plan, and choose the Free option. Your billing will be canceled at the end of your current cycle, and you’ll instantly have access to Spotify’s free ad-supported tier. You may shed a tear over offline listening and on-demand playback, but at least your wallet will thank you!

Do you have any more questions? Don’t hesitate to contact Spotify’s (only mildly irritating) customer support. They’re there to help you pull the plug on your subscription once and for all. The open road of freemium streaming awaits!


So there you have it—the not-so-quick and not-so-painless steps to free yourself from the Spotify Premium subscription shackles. But now you can stream music freely, unencumbered by the monthly tithe to the streaming music gods. You’re free, I tell you—free at last!

Just kidding. It’s not that bad. But in all seriousness, canceling a subscription can be annoying, even if the service is perfectly cromulent.

At least now you can cross figuring out how to cancel Spotify Premium subscriptions off your to-do list and move on to more exciting things, like choosing a new music service or going retro and listening to FM radio. (Do people still do that?)

In the end, you have to do what makes you happy. If Spotify Premium was no longer bringing you joy, kicking it to the curb was the right choice.

Now enjoy listening to your music however you want, whether on a different streaming service, FM radio, or vinyl records. The options are endless in this digital age!

Farewell, Spotify Premium. We had some good times together, but now we must part ways. It’s not you; it’s my wallet.

I will no longer shell out $10 monthly for your services. But we’ll always have the memories of all those perfectly curated playlists. Sniff: Okay, I’m done. Go stream your heart out!

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