How Often Does Spotify Play Ads?

How often does Spotify play ads

Many Spotify lovers have a question: how often does Spotify play ads? According to the information provided, the number of ads on Spotify differs for every user.

It varies in geography, usage patterns, and account type (free or premium).

According to some users, after a few songs, Spotify plays ads, while others say that there is one ad in between two or three tracks, and some say that ads come up every 8–10 minutes of music played.

A two- to three-minute advertisement is all that Spotify ads play in an hour.

The nature and suitability of displayed ads differ significantly, sometimes appearing irrelevant to users’ interests or music choices.

Spotify AdBlock in tracks

How Often Are Ads on Spotify?

Spotify is an outstanding streaming service with more than fifty million songs and podcasts.

One of the most famous music discovery and consumption platforms has over 345 million monthly active users.

Apart from its paid subscription plan, the Premium Subscription Model, Spotify has an ad-based free version called the Spotify Plan, which is free. It

Spotify: Free vs. Premium

Spotify has two main subscription packages: free and premium subscriptions.

The significant difference between these two plans is based on their pricing structure and features.

Unlike Spotify Basic Free, where some functionalities are limited and include ad breaks, among other forms of advertising, Spotify Premium does not have limitations like unlimited skips, offline listening, or high-quality sound.

Focusing on the Spotify cost-free plan, this plan enables users to stream any song from Spotify’s catalog at no cost. However, they are subjected to occasional ads interrupting their music experience.

Ad Frequency on Spotify: Play Ads

On average, the Spotify Free plan plays four to five minutes of ads per hour. These ads can appear after every few songs or after approximately fifteen to twenty minutes of continuous music playback.

Users may notice variations in ad frequency depending on factors such as location, time spent using the app daily, and overall engagement levels.

For instance, those who use Spotify more frequently might encounter fewer ads due to higher advertiser interest.

Types of Ads on the Spotify App

On Spotify, there are a few ways that advertisements can be delivered.

  • Audio ads: These are short audio clips played between songs.
  • Display ads: banners inside the Spotify desktop or mobile application.
  • Video ads: Those are full-screen videos shown when you switch from one app section (e.g., Home, Search, Radio) to another.
  • Sponsored playlists refer to curated playlists that you can promote to specific brands, targeting particular audiences depending on music genre preference, mood, or activity.

Targeting and Personalization

Spotify uses different methods of targeting ads at individuals to maximize relevance and effectiveness.

  1. Demographic information
  2. Geolocation data
  3. Device type
  4. Listening history

Through analysis of user data, Spotify intends to serve tailored advertisements that resonate with the interests and needs of listeners, thus improving the user experience and the impact of advertising.

Spotify Has So Many Ad Policies

Spotify maintains strict policies governing acceptable content for advertisements, prohibiting explicit language, violent imagery, misleading claims, and other objectionable material.

Violating these guidelines could result in rejections or the removal of ads, ensuring a safe and respectful environment for all users.

Strategies to Reduce Ads on Spotify

One straightforward solution to minimize ads on Spotify Free is to upgrade to Spotify Premium, eliminating interruptions.

Alternatively, users can participate in special promotions or trials offering reduced prices or temporary ad-free experiences.

Lastly, exploring third-party ad-blocking solutions designed explicitly for Spotify might help mitigate the number of ads encountered.

However, doing so may infringe upon Spotify’s terms of service and potentially compromise account security.

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1. How often does Spotify play ads?

In the accessible version of Spotify, users may encounter advertisements for a few songs.

Typically, audio or video ads could play after every 15 minutes of music streaming.

However, Spotify does not publicly declare the exact frequency of ads, so we can’t say for sure.

2. Why does Spotify have so many ads?

Spotify relies on advertisements as a source of revenue, particularly for its non-paying users.

With many users, specifically free users, using the platform, Spotify uses advertisements to generate income.

This keeps the accessible version of the software active and allows access to hundreds of thousands of songs and podcasts without a subscription.

3. Why do I get ads even though I use Spotify?

If you are using the accessible version of Spotify, it is typical to get ads.

Aid subscriptions, or Spotify Premium, allow for an ad-free music experience.

If you don’t want to pay for a premium subscription, you will continue to receive Spotify AdBlock.

4. Can I get Spotify without ads?

If you upgrade to Spotify Premium, you can enjoy an ad-free music experience.

Spotify Premium subscribers do not receive ads between their songs, letting them enjoy uninterrupted music streaming.

5. How does advertising on Spotify work?

Spotify’s ad system works by non-intrusively displaying audio and video ads to its free users.

Advertisers create campaigns through Ad Studio, Spotify’s self-serve ad platform, targeting specific demographics among Spotify’s millions of monthly active users.

There are also interactive takeover ads that reward users with 30 minutes of ad-free music if they interact with them.

6. How long are Spotify ads?

Most Spotify ads provide intermittent audio, displays, video ads, and a sponsored playlist within the same vast content library.


Here, I explain how often Spotify plays ads into its otherwise extensive music streaming services, playing roughly two to three minutes of commercials per hour.

Users have multiple options to manage their exposure to ads, ranging from upgrading to Spotify Premium, taking advantage of limited-time promotions, or experimenting cautiously with external ad-blocking tools.

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