How to Pre-Save on Spotify

How to pre-save on Spotify

If you are a music lover and love a specific artist’s songs, and your favorite artist is coming out with a new album, you want to hear it first.

So, you came to the right place. Here, I cover how to pre-save on the Spotify app.

How to Pre-Save on Spotify app? Mean?

Spotify’s feather pre-save has excellent benefits. With this feather, music lovers are always up-to-date with new and upcoming music.

Lovers of music, listeners quickly follow their favorite artists, access upcoming songs, and easily update with released dates.

Spotify is the most potent platform for music lovers; almost 80 million songs are uploaded on the Spotify application.

That’s why you don’t ignore this plate form. When you save your song in pre-save on Spotify, you release your worry about the song’s release date because Spotify informs you of an upcoming song being released, so you listen first and don’t miss any songs you want to listen to.

You can pre-save songs on Spotify for free, which is an ideal way to avoid missing releases.

How Do I Get a Spotify Pre-Save Link?

Spotify is the most significant form of music listening, and artists upload songs on Spotify to engage music lovers and promote songs through pre-save links.

When artists generate a link and promote it on Spotify for sharing with music lovers and fans,

When a Spotify user pre-saves a song or album and waits for its release, Spotify automatically sends a notification and saves that song in the list of selected users.

Spotify users automatically engage you and your songs; this loop continues to attract your fans.

How Do You Set Up A Pre-Save On Spotify?

This setup is just for artists who have released songs on Spotify.

In the present time, the world will have an easy life because technology will advance in the coming days.

I just saw on the internet that it will be versed in everything.

On Spotify, you used a pre-saved feather. I recommended some setups for pre-save feathers to use easily.

To pre-save the link through Music Gateway:

How to Get Spotify Pre-Save

  • Scroll up to the free tool.
  • Fill in your artist details with the artist’s name and Spotify ID, and upload the image.
  • Fill in your release details: date, name, and Spotify product ID. Include a release image.
  • Create your Spotify link. Good job

This process is straightforward and accessible. Once you get a link to pre-save, you can share it easily with your fans and music lovers in your mailing list and upload it to your website or social media accounts.

How to pre save a song in the Spotify Library

I am a big lover of music. I spend most of my free time listening to music. I have experienced many websites, but I can’t think of the things I feel about Spotify music on other apps.

How to pre-save on Spotify

Here, I cover pre-save, how to work, and how to save albums to your Spotify library.

  • The first thing you do is find an artist’s website to be aware of their upcoming music.
  • If you visit a website, you must see a heading for “pre-saved” upcoming music.
  • You often see a button to save a song, like pre-save with Spotify’s name or logo.
  • Tap it to go forward.
  • If you are not logged in, enter your username or password and get access or permission to the artist’s website.
  • Your information is correct on Spotify. Log in to them. Once you log in,
  • Then follow the instructions on the screen by tapping “finished/completed.”.
  • Smile at me! Your upcoming music is pre-saved in your Spotify account.

How to pre save an album on Spotify App

pre-save feather on Spotify

Many people are worried about the pre-save album method. While this is not a big game, it is simple and only available on artist websites.

Spotify introduced a “countdown page” for users to easily pre-save albums directly from the Spotify application.

The most beautiful thing is that the user can also preview the tracks on the song list and listen to the previously released songs from the album.

Users can view artist video clips released before and see the countdown timer on the page.

Once the user pre-saves the song, the artist releases the song, and the user gets a notification from Spotify.

The album is automatically added to the artist’s playlist, which he selected before the pre-save song or album.

How to see pre saves on Spotify.

Once you pre-save a song or album, you cannot access your Spotify pre-save until the release date. When the artist releases a song on that date, you will see it in the pre-save library.

How to Remove Presave on Spotify

Follow these steps for How to Remove Presave on Spotify

  1. Log in to Spotify: Access your Spotify account using your credentials.
  2. Go to Library: Navigate to your library to find the pre-saved album or track.
  3. Find the Presave: Look for the presaved album or track in your library.
  4. Remove the Presave: Once you’ve located the Presave, there should be an option to remove it from your library. Click on this option to remove the presave.
  5. Confirmation: Confirm the removal if prompted.
  6. Sync Devices: If you use multiple devices, ensure that the presave is also removed from all synced devices.

Following these steps, you can successfully remove the Spotify pre-save album from your library.


How do you define a pre-save on Spotify?

Pre-save is a feather on Spotify. This is a way for users to get notifications when artists release songs, allowing users to listen to and support songs.

Are pre-savings feather-free on the Spotify app?

Yes, the Pre-savings feather is free on Spotify for users.

What Does Pre-Save on Spotify Do?

Pre-save on Spotify is similar to pre-sale downloads on iTunes and Amazon.

Spotify pre-save feathers allow a window opportunity for fans and users to save songs before they are released.

And allow the button to notify me that it is coming out just now. This will enable users to access the song library in the Spotify app easily.


I briefly explain and use unique words to cover “how to pre-save on Spotify.”.

Almost everything I try to cover is related to pre-save feathers on the Spotify app.

I hope you understand how to pre-save feathers on Spotify.

Please send me your feedback in the comments section. I love to hear your opinions. Keep to sport me. Thank you!

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