How to Speed Up Songs on Spotify?

How to Speed Up Songs on Spotify

We have always loved Spotify music, its user support, the fact that it’s free for users, and the fantastic plans it offers.

However, many users face turbulence when using Spotify because they lack fantastic platform knowledge.

But here, I explain the most discussed and ask questions about how to speed up songs on Spotify.

Before, many users increased song speed using third-party applications like VLC media players, but now Spotify has modified itself.

However, most users don’t know about Spotify’s advanced features.

All these things users need for music lister Spotify almost added all the feathers.

In this article, I will guide you through the steps to modify the playback speed of songs on Spotify.

Additionally, you will also learn how to adjust the pace of podcasts.

So, if you want to speed up your songs without third-party help, you need to keep reading about how to change Spotify playback speed.

How Do You Speed Up Songs on Spotify on Your Phone?

A couple of options are available when you want to listen to songs faster or download Spotify music.

You can utilize Spotify’s built-in speed control feature, which allows you to adjust the playback speed of songs.

However, optimizing your ability by considering specific tips, such as adjusting the speed incrementally and using high-quality audio settings, is essential.

Additionally, it’s worth noting that there may be limitations when speeding up songs, such as potential distortion in audio quality or difficulty.

Whether you are a user of a free plan or a premium, you have access to them as a free way to increase speed.

No use of rules at an advanced level.

So, follow these simple steps and speed up your podcast on iOS or Android.

  • Open the Spotify app on Android or iOS devices.
  • Search icon given at the bottom of the screen.
  • Tap the search bar.
  • Search for your podcast’s name in the search bar.
  • Select the podcast.
  • Play the podcast to listen to it on Spotify Music Converter.
  • Tap on the bottom to expand the podcast using the Spotify web player or download Spotify songs.
  • Tap on the speed slider (1x) to adjust the speed depending on your mood.
  • Finally, select your desired speed to speed up the podcast.
Speed Up Song on Spotify
Speed Up Songs on Spotify app

Creating a custom playlist for faster playback

When it comes to creating a customized playlist, this is a valuable technique.

  1. First, start by selecting the songs you want to include in your playlist to speed up all the songs in a one-time effort.
  2. Go to the options menu and choose the option to add the selected tracks to a new playlist.
  3. Once the playlist is created, add songs to that playlist.
  4. You can adjust the playback speed of all the songs at once.
  5. After that, go to the playlist settings and enable the feature that allows you to change the speed of the playlist.
  6. So, you can increase the tempo to your desired level using Spotify’s speed options.

This method provides a convenient way to enjoy your favorite songs faster without manually adjusting the speed for each track.

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Why does my Spotify song speed up and slow down automatically?

Users often face or notice Spotify songs speed up or down automatically.

This fluctuation in music speed on Spotify is done without your wanting to automatically increase podcast speed, speed up, or slow down.

At that time, you want to listen to a Spotify podcast at its original speed or tempo. But this is not a big problem because it is a temporary issue with the Spotify media player’s speed changer. There is a temporary problem with changing the playback speed on Spotify. The problem is that you came out in a minute.

Once again, select the speed at the original tempo in a sidebar.

Doing this lets you quickly adjust your Spotify music speed according to your desired speed.

So please don’t wait for this problem to be solved automatically and enjoy playback speed as a selected original tempo.

FAQs about speeding up songs on Spotify

How do I speed up songs on Spotify for Android?

  • Access Spotify app settings to download Spotify and adjust playback speed for Spotify’s speed changer.
  • Choose Playback Settings
  • Adjust Playback Speed Slider
  • Select Preferred Speed
  • Then Close the Settings Menu

How do you fast-forward audio?

When you want to listen to a podcast quickly, you increase the speed of the podcast through the speed slider. This option to change the playback speed on Spotify is available in the podcast menu on the left side.

What speed does Spotify use?

Spotify always plays podcasts at average speed. Spotify’s usual speed is 1x, but this is changeable. When you want to increase or slow down your speed, open the podcast and adjust your speed through the slider.

Is Spotify faster than YouTube?

You cannot tell the difference between Spotify and YouTube audio speed because they are almost the same, but when deciding which one is better, Spotify wins this race.


Here, I explain how to speed up songs on Spotify.

In this main thing is you do speed up without using third-party websites or other apps.

Speed up songs to enhance your listing and your favorite songs listing on a high-speed tempo without any hard work.

Spotify gives users many feathers to increase their enjoyment and to fulfill their user wants.

So, follow these steps to quickly adjust the speed of songs on any tracks or songs on the Spotify website.

Lastly, give feedback about your experience with this article after reading it in the comment section below.

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