How to Put Music on Spotify Without a Distributor

How to Put Music on Spotify Without a Distributor

If you are an independent artist looking to put music on Spotify without a distributor but want to do so without passing through a distributor,?

But I have good news for you: it is possible on Spotify. Spotify has a feather for artists to upload songs directly to Spotify through a beta feather to allow it.

Spotify Music Distributor and without distributor upload music

However some steps exist to upload music on Spotify without passing the distributor.

Understanding Spotify’s Music Policy

Most artists submit their music to Spotify through distributors, but there is a way to submit it to Spotify without distributors.

But first, see the policy to ensure that your music is accepted or available for a long time on Spotify and is available for listeners.

So, Spotify has a policy to understand its audience, and following all guidelines is essential.

Here are some essential things you should keep in mind:

  • Spotify requires that an artist upload their songs or that a properly licensed and owned person upload songs on the Spotify app. This means that when Spotify demands that music be submitted, it checks whether it’s copyrighted.
  • You must give all the information—artist name, track title, albums, and other important information. Spotify accepts a variety of file formats, including WAV and MP3.
  • Last, you must have music with high-quality audio because Spotify accepts it readily.

You must follow these guidelines if you submit your music without using third-party applications. If you follow this guideline, music is accepted closely. For this trick, research yourself; you must have all the necessary documentation.

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Why do you need a distributor?

Spotify is one of the most popular streaming platforms worldwide, and artists upload music here to build their fans.

The popularity of Spotify makes every artist want to upload music there to increase engagement with music lovers.

However, you need a distributor to upload your music to the Spotify application.

The distributor is not just an application or app; this company helps you upload your music directly to Spotify and other streaming platforms like Spotify.

This company name distributor helps you with your music handling and gives your music royalty.

Here are some of the most important reasons why you need a distributor:

  1. Before the distributor can promote your song on Spotify, they must ensure it is appropriately registered with either ASCAP or BMI. Spotify gives royalties to these organizations, who then distribute the money to the songwriters and publishers.
  2. Once the song is registered, these curators and A&R representatives are responsible for discovering new music and adding it to the streaming service’s library.
  3. Distributors also work closely with artists and producers to ensure the song is optimized for streaming success.
  4. Once Spotify, a leading music streaming service, accepts songs, the distributor plays a vital role in facilitating communication between the artist and the streaming service.
  5. They also monitor the song’s performance, promote the music to their audience, and give new ideas on how to grow the artist’s online presence. This may involve creating remixes, editing the song for length, and promoting it using strategic marketing campaigns.

It is important to note that not all music distributors can facilitate getting your music on Spotify, as this requires a strong relationship with the streaming service.

Getting your music on Spotify can be competitive, so having a well-crafted and promotable song is crucial for success.

Guide to Uploading Music to Spotify Without a Distributor

how to put music on spotify without distributor

If you are an artist and work independently, you may find a solution to uploading your music to Spotify without the help of a distributor.

But you have not found any simple related information, so don’t worry about that; it’s not a big problem. Just tell me how to get your music on Spotify without a distributor. So, here is how:

Creating an account on Spotify as an Artist

Register for a Spotify account as an artist if you haven’t already. This account will be used to upload and manage your music.

Then, you log in to Spotify after you need basic information, like your name, email, and the artist’s name.

Record your music and upload it.

After logging in or creating a Spotify account as an artist, start uploading songs and recording them in high-quality sound to upload your music directly. Ensure the audio quality is good, as Spotify users often rely on audio quality.

To ensure your music sounds professional, they will fine-tune your audio to sound polished and commercial.

Upload your music to Spotify through the Spotify for Artists platform.

  • To do this, click the “Music” tab in the left-hand menu.
  • Then select “Uploading.”
  • You can choose to upload a single or multiple tracks at once.
  • Write song titles, artist names, and album titles, and select tags to give some related tags in the tag section.

Share Your Music on Social Media

Sharing your music on social media and through your friends, family, and contacts network can help attract listeners to your Spotify page.

When your music gains an audience, Spotify will rank it higher on Spotify’s platform.

Keep an eye on your music’s performance on Spotify. Keep an eye on your music metrics; this can help you make informed decisions about future music releases and marketing strategies.

Update Your Music Regularly

When you want to engage your audience and increase your listeners or fans,

So, make it a habit to consider releasing new music or album versions regularly.

This can help your music create a strong bond between you and your audience, and you can attract more people to Spotify.

Important Considerations

  • Your music must be in a lossless format, such as WAV or FLAC.
  • The sample rate must be at least 44.1 kHz to meet digital music standards.
  • The bit depth must be at least 16 bits.


Lastly, ensure you own the copyrights before uploading your music to Spotify. If you do not have your music, you face critical problems.

Ensure you have the required licenses and permissions before uploading your music to Spotify.

By keeping it, you can ensure that your music meets Spotify’s policy and is ready for upload.


Here, I explain clearly whether putting your music on Spotify without a distributor is possible. The answer is yes, but you should follow all the guidelines I define in this article.

If you follow all the information and the same implement on your music for creating and uploading, Spotify can’t reject your music.

So, read the full article and give feedback in the comment section. Don’t forget your feedback.

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