How to Show Lyrics on Spotify

How to Show Lyrics on Spotify

Let’s put it this way: Listening to your latest favourite song is much easier when you know the lyrics.

That’s why Spotify will start enabling millions of fans worldwide to sing louder and more confidently than ever with the launch of Lyrics.

Lyrics are one of the most requested features by listeners across the globe.

So, after refining and testing, we have made an experience that is simple, interactive, and shareable.

Through in-app access to most of our extensive library of tracks, we will bring song lyrics to life by partnering with Musixmatch.

So, as of today, lyrics are now available worldwide on iOS and Android devices, including for free and premium users, through desktops, gaming consoles, and TVs, which means millions of fans can connect with the music they love on a deeper level with their favourite artists.

On the Spotify mobile app

Spotify’s mobile app is user-friendly and has a lot of feathers. Millions of users download mobile apps, and this download ratio increases daily.

Lyrics are enabled on Spotify’s free or premium plan. Many songs and artists read lyrics, but some users do not know where show lyrics are on Spotify.

So, here I delivered knowledge of how lyrics are shown on Spotify. Follow the steps.

Show Lyrics on Spotify
  1. First, open your Spotify app on your mobile phone.
  2. After, play a song you want to listen to.
  3. Then, you tap on the song to make the entire page open after scrolling down. While listening to songs.
  4. After you reach down, the lyrics change colour and move down to the following line. These are saying lyrics that play with song singing.
  5. You see a share button at the bottom of the lyrics. Have a permit to share it with friends and family or via a third-party platform.

On the Spotify desktop app

  1. As you see, the mobile method follows them. Now, click the microphone icon on the song page while playing a song.
  2. Then you see a song lyrics track that moves in real-time while singing.

On the SpotifyTV app

  1. If you want to see lyrics on Spotify TV, you don’t show lyrics here because Spotify TV does not enable this option.
  2. First, navigate to the lyrics option on Spotify TV. All these options are in the right corner, so allow them if you want to see the lyrics.
  3. After you enable this option, the lyric will be shown with the playing song.

Music lovers are excellent at relaxing their bodies when listening to songs. Music can gather people and create motivational behaviour in their actions. Works.

There is more in them when a music lover reads the lyrics to a song. This thing creates a deep connection between a music lover and an artist.


What are the lyrics?

Lyrics are the words or verses of a song that tell a story or convey a message.

The song’s composer or lyricist can write them, and they vary significantly in style, tone, and content.

Can you find the lyrics on Spotify?

Yes, you can see the lyrics on Spotify. Just play a song, scroll down, and then you will see the lyrics.


In this article, I explain how to show lyrics on Spotify. I hope you get the lyrics on your mobile phone.

So, give feedback in the comment section below.

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