How much is the Spotify Family Plan?

How much Spotify Family Plan

Spotify’s family plan is cost-effective, so it has grown popular among families and households seeking high-quality, low-cost options.

More are cheaper than the other individual premium plans, and the family plan is much better.

Let’s see how much the Spotify family plan offers, its price, and more. How can I get it? I can tell you your choice is suitable for the family premium plan.


The family plan is only designed for families. This is a musical streaming package, and families mostly purchase it. This plan allows family members with individual accounts to join but is limited to only six members. Every member gets access to their saved music, playlists, and recommendations for a monthly fee.

How much is the Spotify Family Plan? And how does it work?

Spotify family offers? how work? how much cost?

Spotify Family Plans give the best experience in music; listening to every member gets the same benefits as individual plans.

In this, each member uses a personal account and makes recommendations, so it’s more like six members as a group instead of every member buying individual accounts.

In a family plan, you have the option of parental control. You set this option to control unwanted content and implement it to prevent your child from listening to bad music.

This feather has a lot of advantages. Through this feather, you also control the member’s song listening, see the member’s song listening history, and hold it.

For example, protect kids from listening to harmful content on the app.

The six members enjoy music as individual accounts for one month, depending on your subscription bill.

So, this Spotify family plan is much better than buying individual plans. Save your money, protect your child, and guard your family members’ listening behaviours.

How does the Spotify Family Plan check the address?

Spotify sends a verification request to family plan users, asking them to verify their home address.

After verification, open the dashboard, and each member sets up and maintains an interest in their songs. Still, only one member, the plan manager, sets up and maintains the plan subscription.

The Spotify family plan manager manually enters all members’ addresses and verifies their residences.

When the manager verifies the address, plan members join them with the same address.

After verification, plan members can enjoy music without disturbance, enjoy premium songs, and access millions of libraries and playlists.

How much does the Spotify Family Plan cost?

Spotify family plan price? Spotify lifetime premium get

Spotify has the lowest count in the Spotify family plan demand, which is $16.99 monthly. This Cost is correct at $16.99 because it allows six members to join as a group, which is an affordable price and plan.

As you buy an individual plan, your Cost on a single premium plan account is $10.99. It’s high because here, only one member joins the plan; in a family subscription, you join as a group of six members.

Spotify Premium Family Plan offers significant savings; you can use up all six slots.

Comparing the Spotify Family Plan with similar service providers, we have:

The Apple Music Family Plan costs $16.99 monthly and allows six members. Apple Music merges with the Apple ecosystem and has an extensive music library.

The Amazon Music Unlimited Family Plan costs $16.99 monthly and allows six accounts. It’s best for those who have worked with Alexa and other Amazon devices.

YouTube Music Family Plan: It costs $16.99 per month, similarly. It’s also a video experience along with a music streaming service. It is unique among others.

Most service providers have an exact cost, but it depends on the device you use.

Is the Spotify Family Plan worth it?

Spotify is a world-famous streaming service provider, giving you many opportunities to invest in improving your listening experience.

Whether the Spotify Family Plan is worth your investment depends on several factors.

These factors must include:

  • Several users: If you have a large family, love music, and want to join a premium and affordable plan, this Spotify plan helps you save as much as other individual plans.
  • Parental controls: Many parents worry about their child listening to too much music; here, you can control their listening and filter bad music from their kids, so you have control and peace of mind.
  • Ease of use: Spotify’s user-friendly interface makes it easier to use than competitors.

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How to join the Spotify Family Plan

Spotify family plan join in mobile phone on official premium

Spotify Family Plan only joins when the plan manager creates it.

Follow some simple steps below:

  1. When the plan manager creates it and then sends an invitation link to you, if the manager does not, call them and tell them to send an invitation link.
  2. When he sends the link, click on the link to accept the invitation for the Spotify Premium Family Plan.
  3. Then, enter your details and verify your address. Enter the actual address and tap Enter.

If you have no Spotify account, create one before joining the family plan. Through Spotify, you can enter quickly.

How to add a member to the Spotify Family Plan

Only the plan manager can add members.

Follow some simple steps to invite members of the Spotify Family Plan:

  1. Go to your account page on your mobile device or any other device you use.
  2. Scroll down to navigate “Manage your family accounts” and click Go.
  3. To send the link to the person you wish to add to the family plan, click “INVITE SOMEONE.”

Once they accept your invitation and verify that their address matches yours, the person will sign up for the Spotify Family Plan.

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FAQ: Spotify Family Plan Cost

Conclusion about the Cost of the Spotify family plan

If you get all the benefits of the Spotify Family Plan and enjoy music as individual accounts, the Family Plan is perfect for you.

This plan is efficient, affordable, and easy to use, and you have rental control over your kids and family members.

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