How to Remove Followers on Spotify Mobile

How to Remove Followers on Spotify? remove followers on Spotify mobile

Have you ever found yourself with a couple of random followers on Spotify that you can’t seem to shake?

Maybe an ex that won’t stop stalking your playlists or that one friend with terrible music taste who insists on liking every single song you save.

Don’t worry, we’ve all been there. The excellent news is that Spotify makes it easy to remove followers and take back control of your profile.

In just a few quick steps, you’ll be well on your way to curating your perfect follower list and listening without judgment. Ready to ditch the Spotify creepers and start fresh?

Here’s everything you need to know to remove followers on Spotify once and for all.

How to See Your Followers on Spotify

You can head to your Spotify profile to see who’s following you on Spotify.

Look for the number of followers at the top of your profile—the total number of Spotify users following you.

To view the names and profiles of each follower, click “See all followers.”.

This will open a new window showing a list of your followers alphabetically.

From this list, you have a few options:

Click any follower’s name or photo to view their public Spotify profile, including their playlists and listening history.

Could you scroll through the list to see if there are any followers you want to remove?

Use the search bar at the top to search for a specific follower by name or username.

How to Remove Followers on Spotify Mobile and Desktop Apps

Removing unwanted followers on Spotify is easy to do through your account settings.

Here are the steps to remove your follower list:

  1. Log in to the Spotify app on your mobile, PC, Android, or Macbook.
  2. Go to your settings by clicking the gear icon in the top-right corner.
  3. Select Account from the left sidebar.
  4. Under the Followers section, you’ll see a list of followers following you.
  5. Anyone you want to remove should click the Remove button next to their name.
  6. This will immediately unfollow them and prevent them from seeing your activity on Spotify.

Step 1: Once you are at your Spotify profile,

Remove Spotify followers

Step 2: Select “XYZ followers” under your username.

Remove follower on Spotify

Step 3: On your followers list, click the three dots or more icons next to the username of the person you want to block.

Remove follower on Spotify

Step 4: Tap Block.

block followers on Spotify

Creating a trusted follower list and trust is an easy way to maintain privacy, security, and the ideal experience on Spotify.

With a few clicks, you’re on your way to a perfectly curated follower base.

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Why You Might Want to Remove Followers on Spotify

There are a few reasons to remove followers on Spotify:

Privacy and Data Control

By removing followers you don’t know or don’t interact with, you gain more control over who can see your listening activity and music preferences.

Spotify shares details about the music and podcasts you stream with your followers.

Removing followers allows you to limit your shared data and keep your music preferences private.

Avoid Unwanted Interactions

Blocking followers prevents them from being able to follow you or see your profile.

You want to avoid unwanted interactions with people you don’t know.

You can focus your Spotify connections on real-life friends and people you choose to share your musical tastes with.

Reduce spam on the Spotify follower list

Some Spotify accounts are bots or spam accounts that follow thousands of users.

By blocking unknown followers, especially those with little to no public profile information.

You reduce the chance of spam interactions and ensure only authentic accounts can see your activity.

Start Fresh

If you want to update your Spotify profile and start building new connections, removing your current followers allows you to begin again with a clean slate.

You can then be more selective about who you allow to follow you and build connections more intentionally based on current musical interests and friend groups.

Removing followers on Spotify may require manual effort to block or remove each follower, but it provides more control and customization of your Spotify experience.

Best Practices for Managing Your Followers on Spotify

As your follower count grows on Spotify, it’s a good idea to review who is following you and adjust as needed periodically.

Here are some best practices for managing your followers:

Could you check for spammy followers?

Unfortunately, spam bots target Spotify just like other social platforms.

Look for followers with random strings of numbers and letters for usernames, no profile photo, and little to no public playlists.

Remove these spam followers to keep your account clean.

  • Remove inactive listeners: Go through your list of followers and look for those who haven’t been on Spotify for a while, like over 6–12 months. These inactive accounts are unlikely to engage with your profile or playlists anymore. Removing them will give you a more accurate sense of your active fan base.
  • Block inappropriate followers: If any of your followers are harassing you or leaving inappropriate comments, don’t hesitate to block them. Your Spotify account should be a positive space, so remove anyone toxic or abusive.
  • Consider removing follows for following: Some Spotify users follow hundreds or even thousands of people to gain more followers in return. These mass followers are typically not genuinely interested in your content. Feel free to remove them from your follower list.

Reviewing my Followers’ Spotify Accounts

In your Spotify for Artists dashboard, you can see how each follower discovered your profile.

Please be sure to check on any followers who came from suspicious sources, like bot networks or paid follower services, and remove them.

Only keep followers who found you through your music, playlists, or other legitimate means.

Please make sure to keep your follower count meaningful.

Having an artificially high follower count from bots, spam followers, and mass followers does not help you in any way.

Focus on building a genuine fan base of people who enjoy your music and content.

Regularly pruning your follower list will help keep your numbers accurate and allow you to serve your real fans better.


So there you have it—a quick guide on how to remove followers on Spotify. While your follower count isn’t the most critical metric, having control over your account’s privacy and security is.

Now that you know how to cut ties with followers you no longer wish to share your listening activity with, you can curate your Spotify experience.

Remember, you do not need to explain why I removed you.

And the last thing is: don’t remove followers without any critical separation because Spotify remains an enjoyable platform for discovering and sharing the music you love.

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