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How to Change Address on Spotify

Recently, you moved into a new home and are looking at how to change address on Spotify so your Subscription is not affected by the address change.

You landed in the right place. Here, I explain briefly how to change your address on Spotify.

As usual, at least all people prioritize all the things they need and want to take with them in a new home, and more often than not, they buy new stuff for the new home to decorate it. But most people forget many things.

Many people live in advance of technology; people always attach and subscribe to all kinds of services.

At the start of 2022, at least 182 million people will join Spotify’s premium Subscription.

So, you know the importance of a Spotify subscription. Take time to update your Spotify address when changing, and ensure your Spotify subscription is not affected so you can listen to your favorite songs or tunes in your new home.

How to Change Address on Spotify

If you have a premium subscription to Spotify, you do not need to change your location because your Subscription will depend on your current location when you sign up for your Spotify account.

But sometimes Spotify subscriptions crash when you travel to another country, so follow the steps below to fix this bug.

Quick Answer

You need to create a new account, sign out of your private Spotify account, and then subscribe to Premium for Family on that new account. If you don’t remove your account, you must sign up with a new email, username, or password.

Spotify Change Location On Free Account

Step 1: If you use a free account plan on Spotify, Spotify gives you 14 days to use this app in a new place. But after 14 days, you must log in to your Spotify account and go to Settings.

Then, you see the upper-right side profile option, open it, and go to your account.

Step 2: Then you see the account panel, and below, you see the profile edit option. Click on edit profile.

Then, you see your details, country registration, and location change options.

There, you change your location. Select your current location and save your changes.

Spotify Change Location for Premium Account

As mentioned above, a premium Spotify user must not change location.

You can stream music after changing locations or moving to a new country.

If you still want to change your location, you can change your payment method to the current Country.

Step 1: Open a Chrome browser, visit Spotify’s official website, and log into your Premium account.

Step 2: Go to the Spotify plan to see the updated payment method under the update button. So, give the correct details and save them.

Spotify Change Location for Family plan

If you are looking for a new location for the Spotify family plan, you are in the right place. Here is a guide to the complete change in area for the family plan.

Check your plan manager; here, you can easily change the address on your family subscription to Spotify.

First, log in to the Spotify family plan.

Your address is not found.

If your address is not found or autocompleted, then, in this condition, manually add your address, then find.

If you still can’t find your current location, do this so that you can find a popular place nearby.

The most important thing is not to use different addresses for family members who join the Spotify premium plan.

Member Verification

When I updated the address on the family plan, we asked members to verify them in the plan manager and verify their address.

  • They join
  • When the manager changes the address,
  • If we can’t confirm their address,

Member failed verification?

If your Update is not done, I hope it is. Your member entered information that was most likely incorrect.

I sent all the confirmation links, and you must correct them within seven days.

Can You Need to Update Your Spotify Address?

You must update your address after migrating to a new country or region.

You must change your location on Spotify before it affects your premium plan on Spotify.

And you must ensure your location changes, and you know it’s essential because you enjoy the timetable of listening to music, not the distraction.

So, you must change your location and payment method, then save all changes by tapping the save button below.

To change your Spotify country,

Follow these steps to change your address on Spotify:

  1. Log in to your Spotify account.
  2. Click on your profile picture in the top-right corner to open the account menu.
  3. Choose Account.
  4. Under the Account Overview section, find Country and click Update.

Another method involves changing your Country

  1. Log into your account page on the Spotify website.
  2. Select Subscription in the left panel.
  3. Click Update Details, then click Change Country and select the desired Country.
  4. Choose a payment method based on the new Country.

When are you unable to change your Spotify country?

If you’re unable to log in abroad:

  • Click on your profile
  • Choose Account
  • Click Edit Profile
  • Locate the Country or region
  • Change your Spotify location

How do I change my Spotify country without using a VPN?

If you’re looking to change your Spotify country without a VPN,

  • Consider using a VPN to bypass geo-restrictions
  • Remember that using a free Spotify account in a different country
  • Or region is allowed for up to 14 days


Why can’t Spotify find my address?

If your address is not found, auto-fill, enter the correct address, then tap the Find option.

Why is Spotify using my location?

Location is most important on Spotify because it updates songs regularly based on trending songs.

Spotify is doing this, so my users always attach them daily and listen to new pieces regularly.

Is the Spotify location locked?

Yes, Spotify blocks locations because it is unavailable in all places simultaneously.

If your area is geo-graphically blocked, restrict your site.

Conclusion about How to Change Address on Spotify

At last, after all the discussion about how to change your address on Spotify, I tried to help you recently.

I passed through this difficulty. In this, I explain all methods in an easy way and with simple words that are friendly.

So, please don’t forget to leave feedback in the comment section below.

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