Does Spotify notify when you like someone’s playlist?

Does Spotify notify when you like someone's playlist

Does Spotify let people know when you like their playlist? As an avid Spotify user, you’ve probably stumbled upon some great playlists curated by others.

Does Spotify notify you when you like someone’s playlist? The simple answer is no. Spotify does not inform you when someone wants your playlist.

But does that notify the playlist creator that you’ve shown them some love? The short answer is yes. Spotify does provide notifications to playlist owners when someone likes their creation.

How Playlist Likes Work on Spotify

When you like a playlist on Spotify, the creator does receive a notification about your liking.

However, your like is anonymous by default. The creator will see that their playlist received a new like, but they won’t know specifically that you liked it unless you choose to share that information with them.

Do other users get notifications when you like their playlists?

Simple answer: Spotify does not notify users when they like their public playlists. Your playlist likes are private and only visible to you.

When you find a playlist you enjoy on Spotify, you can click the heart icon to like it. This helps Spotify learn your tastes so they can recommend similar music.

It also helps the playlist creator by increasing the like count on their playlist. However, the creator will not receive an alert or notification when you like their playlist.

Your likes and listening activity on Spotify are kept private by default. Playlists you like are visible only in the Liked Songs and Your Library sections. The creators and other users can’t see which users have selected their playlists.

Does Spotify notify when you like someone's playlist

There are a few reasons why Spotify doesn’t notify users when they like their playlists:

  • Privacy: Many listeners value keeping their listening activity and likes private. Sending notifications could violate that privacy.
  • Spam risk: If creators were notified each time someone liked their playlist, some might abuse the feature to spam users or sell promotional likes.
  • Scalability: With over 60 million tracks and billions of playlists, the notifications would likely be unmanageable if sent for each like.
  • Engagement: Keeping likes private encourages listeners to follow playlists they enjoy to show support for the creator more meaningfully. Followers indicate an ongoing interest in the playlist.

Can You See Who Has Liked Your Playlists?

Spotify makes it easy for users to like and follow playlists created by others.

But does the playlist creator get notified when you show their playlist some love? The short answer is yes. Spotify lets playlist creators see some information about who has liked their playlists.

Viewing Likes and Followers

As the creator of a Spotify playlist, you have access to data on your playlist’s performance and popularity.

This includes:

  1. Number of likes
  2. Number of Followers
  3. Streams of likes

To view this information, open your playlist in the Spotify app or on the web player and select View playlist stats.

This will show you metrics like:

These stats let you see the overall popularity and growth of your playlist.

  • Total likes: the total number of likes your playlist has received.
  • New likes: The number of new likes in the past week.
  • Followers: The number of Spotify users following your playlist to get updates when you add new songs.
  • New followers: The number of new followers in the past week.

Spotify does not share the usernames or profiles of people who like or follow your playlist. They keep individual listeners anonymous for privacy reasons.

Promoting Your Playlist

The likes, follow, and stats on your playlist can motivate you to keep improving it.

Most upload one or two songs weekly or monthly, so your playlist is updated and engages your audience.

You can also share your playlist on social media to increase visibility and gain new followers.

Spotify provides playlist creators with valuable data and tools to build a following, even if they don’t share personal details about each listener.

Check your playlist stats regularly to see how it’s resonating with music fans, and keep tweaking it to increase its popularity and spread the joy of music discovery.

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Tips for Using Playlist Likes on Spotify

Spotify makes it easy to like playlists created by others.

But does Spotify notify playlist owners when you want their playlist? The short answer is no. Spotify does not send notifications when someone likes your playlist.

There are a few tips to keep in mind when using playlists:

  • Don’t just like everything to increase your own playlist’s visibility. Spotify’s algorithms will detect disingenuous behavior.
  • Like playlists with fewer likes, your like may be more meaningful and impactful to the creator.
  • Most like creator playlists and follow them for new updates on music.
  • Comment on playlists you like. They may even respond, creating an opportunity to start a conversation. Build those social connections on Spotify!
  • While Spotify doesn’t directly notify playlist owners when you like their playlist, social features like commenting, following creators, and building your playlists can help foster connections with other music fans on the platform.
  • Engaging authentically with the Spotify community will lead to discovering many new favorite playlists and possibly making new friends.


Can you see who liked your Spotify playlist?

No, Spotify doesn’t currently offer a feature allowing you to see who liked your playlist. It keeps likes and followers private.

What happens when someone likes a playlist on Spotify?

When someone likes your playlist, it becomes part of their list of selected playlists.

It won’t notify you directly, but it can increase the visibility of your playlist if they have public playlists.

Does Spotify notify you when you play someone’s playlist?

No, Spotify doesn’t notify playlist creators when someone plays their playlist.

The plays are aggregated for statistical purposes, but individual user information remains private.


Spotify maintains a level of privacy around playlist interactions. I explain the query: Does Spotify notify when you like someone’s playlist? While users can like and follow playlists freely, the platform does not notify creators when someone wants their playlist.

However, Spotify does not give explicit notifications about notifications to the creator who likes playlists. But to my knowledge, Spotify sends notifications to creators if someone wants their playlist.

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