How do I turn off Enhanced on Spotify?

How to Turn Off Enhanced on Spotify

Your Spotify is always up-to-date. It improves daily and helps you listen to music easily on Spotify. If you want to improve your Spotify music listening and turn off enhanced music on Spotify, you are in the right place.

That is why Spotify introduced the enhanced feather to give users a new way to enjoy music. This enhanced feather turns off the user when he wants the on-off button.

This enhanced feather icon is shown in the playlist at the top of the left side, but this benefit is only available to premium subscription users of Spotify.

This enhanced feather turns on and off according to the user’s mood. Spotify is a big platform for streaming music online, and Spotify allows users to use it according to their mood and for fun.

Spotify always introduces simple and easy-to-use feathers. Enhancement of feathers is not a big challenge, and you don’t need to do a big thing here. I explain it.

So, you don’t need to read all the articles, like queries, questions, answers, and line by line. Just read the article to learn how to turn off Enhanced on Spotify.

What is Spotify Enhance?

Spotify enhanced feather grows user’s attraction and increases your Spotify playlist.

When you are on the enhanced feather, your playlist will grow with new popular songs that match your favourite songs.

enhanceIf you want Spotify to suggest the most popular songs according to your listener’s songs in the playlist, if you love the enhance feather next to each new track, permanently add it.

Simple on and off this feather when you don’t add more songs to your playlist

If you think Enhanced Feather adds a lot of songs, don’t worry; Spotify Enhanced Feather adds 30 recommendations to one playlist.

So, don’t worry about scrolling songs forever.

If you have any further queries, feel free to contact us!

How To Turn Off Enhanced On Spotify Phone?

If you don’t like auto-adding songs to your favourite songs and want to turn off enhanced music on your iPhone, you have a problem with them, so turn off this feature on Spotify.

So, go to the playlist and turn off this enabled feather in the Spotify app, and all recommended songs in the playlist will be removed automatically.

In this way, you will stop adding songs to your playlist.

Check out the following steps to know how to turn off Enhanced on the Spotify app:

  • Open the Spotify app on Android or iPhone.
  • Cheat to the option Your Library, located below the right side of the home page.
  • Scroll down the screen to select the playlist.
  • Please tap on the selected playlist to open it.
  • Then, tap on the Enhanced option to turn off the feature.

How do you turn off Enhanced on Spotify Desktop?

If you want to turn off the enhanced option in Spotify on your desktop and have no idea how, don’t worry; I am here for your help.

Following the steps, turn off the enhanced button

  • Log in to your Spotify account with your login credentials.
  • Then, open the Spotify app on your laptop.
  • Head over to the playlist.
  • Click on the Enhanced Spotify playlist title.
  • The enhanced version will be turned off instantly.

How to Turn Off Spotify Premium

The paid version of Spotify goes by “Spotify Enhanced,” giving you ad-free music, offline listening, and improved sound quality.

If you want to upgrade your experience and know how to enhance Spotify using Spotify Premium, then it’s a pretty basic process.

Steps for Cancelling and Enhancing Spotify Premium Subscription

Access your account: Log into your Spotify account via the Spotify website.

Go to Subscription: Once logged in, proceed to the account overview option, where you can find the subscription tab. This is where you take care of your subscription and payment details.

Change or Cancel: Under the “Subscription” tab, click “Change or Cancel.“. We can cancel our premium subscription by clicking this button, thereby enhancing our Spotify experience.

Confirm Cancellation: After that, a confirmation request will follow from Spotify. Follow their on-screen instructions to confirm that you wish to cancel your premium product and have better music streaming services.

Verification: Depending on account settings, you may be prompted for password entry or identity confirmation if needed, and you may verify cancellation for enhanced specifying.

Considerations When Cancelling and Enhancing Spotify Premium

  • Billing Cycle: Upon cancellation, you can still access Spotify Premium features until your current billing period ends. After that, your account will revert to the free, ad-supported version of Spotify with enhanced capabilities.
  • Saved Music: If you have offline music stored, listen to it before the subscription period ends, as you will lose access to offline listening once the premium subscription is cancelled. However, with enhanced Spotify, you can enjoy even more offline options.
  • Reactivating: If you change your mind and want to enhance Spotify again, you can always reactivate your Premium subscription by following a similar process and gaining all the improved features Spotify offers.


What should I do if the Spotify enhance button is missing?

The “Enhance” button on Spotify was replaced by a new feature called “Smart Shuffle.” This means you will not see the Enhance button in the Spotify app. Still, your playlists will suggest it as your favourite song-blending and queue-filling experience, with a different name and functionalities.

  • Smart Shuffle: You do not need to do anything to activate it. Just tap on the shuffle icon, and Spotify will add new popular songs to your chosen playlist.
  • Explore Smart Shuffle options: Tap the shuffle button on your playlist. You will cycle through different shuffle settings, including one that adds random songs to the queue, similar to the old Enhance feature.

If you miss the old Enhance:

  • Provide feedback: Let Spotify know you prefer the old Enhance button. You can do this through their “website “or the app’s “community” section. Based on user feedback, your voice might help them bring it back to Smart Shuffle.
  • Use alternative features: Explore other playlist features that offer a similar experience. For instance, you can try the “Go to Radio” option on a song you like to create a radio station based on it or a new playlist inspired by your current one.

What does Enhance do on Spotify?

When you turn on the enhance button, you have complete control over your recommended songs. Just add the selected playlist that matches the mood, tone, and genre of your playlist.

This feature is only for premium users of the Spotify app, so premium users benefit from this great feature.

What does enhance mean on Spotify?

Enhance means to add new songs to your playlist or albums and queue on Spotify. You do not need to make some effort to find your favourite songs.

This enhanced option sees your listener data and auto-new songs added to your playlist, so you don’t have to choose the songs you have to favourite.

Conclusion: Turn off Enhanced on Spotify.

Finally, I explain properly here how to turn off enhanced on Spotify.

If you strip for an enhanced feather, turn off this feather without wasting time.

Lastly, follow all the steps individually and eliminate this enhanced version of the Spotify app.

Don’t forget to leave your feedback in the comments section below.

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