Obscurity Spotify: How To Get Your Spotify Obscurity Rating

How To Get Your Spotify Obscurity Rating

When you talk about music streaming websites or music streaming, listening continuously without interruptions, and covering a lot of content in “podcasts,” the name that comes to mind is “Spotify.”

Yes, Spotify is the world’s most popular platform. You can play and listen to your favourite songs, tracks, podcasts, and albums anywhere without restrictions or limitations.

It’s like a gem, covering all types of songs for true music fans or lovers. Spotify increases enhanced listening and connects with apps and programs to enrich a song’s quality and listening expression.

Spotify users and lovers use the Obscurity feather introduced recently to check their taste in music and compare others.

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What is Obscurify Music?

Obscurify is a platform Alex Olivero and Nirmal Patel designed to help you “better understand your musical tastes.”

This Obscurity gives you a message agreement policy after you agree. This uses your Spotify Web API after analyzing your entire history on Spotify to generate a list of your top genres or playlists and some names you must listen to and research.

This also provides some recommendations that you should enjoy.

How does Oscurify work?

This Oscurity works as you give overall feedback on your music history on Spotify and differentiate in a percentage, giving you a more accurate taste.

You analyze all your playlists and album habits and rank them based on your mood.

This information is insufficient; you can track your taste according to era and find your top track list on Spotify.

If you want to share your results with friends, yes, in Oscurify Spotify, you also have a feather to share with friends. Only click the Share button in the menu, and it’ll generate a unique link that you can share with friends and family quickly and with your followers.

What is the Spotify Obscurity Rating?

With a Spotify Obscurity Rating, you can see the diversity of your listening habits and your taste in terms of music, songs, and artists.

Are you a hyper person when talking about music? Stars to Earth, all over the world, beauty relates to your heart of the playlist. This all-over measure of ranking is unique, relating to your playlist, how you rar, comment, and all the music in your playlist beneath your habits, and your choice is best.

If you are curious to know your music and where you stand compared to others, and if you want, read more at the end to learn about the Obscurity Spotify rating.

In one line, Obscurity analyzes your music history and gives a rating in the form of percentages.

More interestingly, Spotify’s obscurity rating is accessible for free; this works on API keys. The only thing you do is connect your Spotify accounts with an obscurity rating. After seeing Obscurity Majic, analyze your music history and differentiate pieces with percentages.

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How do you fetch your Spotify Obscurity Rating?

Here, I explain it easily. Just follow all the steps below, one by one.

Step 1: Access the Spotify Obscure Website:

Search Spotify Obscure Website in your Chrome search bar. The first website comes from Obscure; tap on it and then open it.

Spotify Obscurity rating

Step 2: Connect with your Spotify account.

After opening the Obscurity website, you will see a login button in black on the site to connect with your Spotify account.

Obscurity Spotify rating

Step 3: Agree to Terms:

After connecting with your Spotify, you will see a green button below in the centre of the page. Tap on it and go.

Step 4: Get Your Obscure Rating

After you agree with the terms and conditions of Obscurity, we give you a playlist, the top playlist according to your genres, and you also see your Obscurity rating and get your music taste in your favourite music.

Spotify Obscurity chart


I hope you know this topic: How to Get Your Spotify Obscurity Rating. Spotify Obscurity gives you free services and top rates for your favourite artists. You listen more often, and you love it.

Just follow the steps carefully and enjoy your exciting comparison with others.

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